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Friday, April 16, 2010

Soothing My Conscience

Since I just told you about all the money I spent, I do want to update on how we're doing on our paying down debt!  This is my quarterly update!  I also want to give you some freedom here.  If you have the wiggle room, you do need to spend money now and again.  Sticking to a rigid budget could make you angry and resentful.  Maybe of your spouse, maybe of yourself.  Obviously I'm not recommending going out and blowing a hundred dollars or two in one day, but treat yourself to something, anything.
  • I just mentioned my Macy's bill, so I'll go there again.  In January I owed a good $500 on it.  Gasp!  Yes, you read that right.  I hope to have it all paid off by next Friday.
  • Our plan was to put $5,000 in savings this year.  I'll say we're at $1,500.  There's more in there, but we've got some things coming up we'll probably use some of the money for.  I know you're not supposed to touch your savings unless in the event of an emergency, but I guarantee the money will get spent much more easily on other things if it sits in checking.
  • My other store cards are paid off.  I owed $60 on one and $100 some on another.  Those have been paid off and are not being used because I'm using better self control.  (Let's talk overall, not my weak day today :))
  • We're spending much less out of pocket every month on groceries, toiletries, paper products, etc.  All the stuff you hate to buy but have to.  Before couponing or even just planning meals I would easily grab whatever I wanted and spend about $100 a week on groceries for 2 of us.  I know, that is horrible!!  Unfortunately when you have money at your disposal and more dollars than sense you do dumb things.  That wasn't even counting anything besides food.  Now, food and other supplies included, we're spending about $50 every 1.5 weeks.  That's already a monthly savings of $200+!  That's huge!
  • Speaking of that, now that we're not paying for two TV services we're saving $74 a month.
  • Because of this freedom and using coupons we've been able to give a lot more this year.
It's really a whole mindset you have to get into.  You have to think of the bigger picture.  Ours is to pay down student loans and car loans and move into a larger house.  When you think like that, suddenly you don't have to have anything.  I won't lie, it is hard!  Once you get started though, it's a great feeling.  Just don't think about all the money you've spent not doing these things. :)

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