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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank Goodness I'm Not Banned From Walgreens!

My husband Jimmy owed me a favor as I had to stop and get him some turkey jerky yesterday after work lest he die.  Thankfully I cashed in on that today before he forgot.

I forgot to take my ink cartridges to Walgreens today and didn't think about it until after I'd changed into my cleaning clothes.  Not going out looking like this, I sent Jimmy with my cartridges when he got home.  After giving him directions of how to get to Walgreens (mind you, it's not more than a mile away from our house :)), I sent him with three cartridges in a plastic bag and the coupon.  I forgot to mention to him that they might only refill one as a $1 refill was probably too good to work on more than one.  I figured they'd tell him, though, and he'd bring the others home.

Instead, he comes home and tells me this: "They were only going to let me fill one, but I asked her did it say only one anywhere on that coupon?  No.  You sent me with a coupon and I was not going to mess up my mission!"

Thankfully Kelly mentioned over at Totally Target that her store told her they'd fill up to 5 cartridges.  I'm very relieved to hear this and that I might actually get my cartridges refilled!

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