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Monday, April 12, 2010

Target Trip 04/12

I had no coupons for what I bought at Target today, my husband would be dismayed.  I got my Cooking Light magazine that wasn't in my bag the other day and picked up a few other things.  Note that I only went for the magazine and milk... Isn't that how it goes?

Crystal Light was marked down from 3.89 to 2.84
I got two magnets clearanced to .98 cents each (Can you tell that one is a cat?  Yep, you know that was definitely bought to be donated! ;)  By the way, it's for the Community Service Boards' Day Program Bingo closet, that's why it's a random thing to donate.)
The Archer Farms frozen vegetables were also on sale this week so I stocked up on some more green beans.  They're more expensive than Green Giant but are the best green beans I've ever had!
Also, I know that it's cheaper to buy a head of lettuce and chop it yourself, but it's for dinner tonight and all that shopping today can wear a girl out!!

Total Before Tax was 23.81
Total Savings was 3.53

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