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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Projects

So my house looks like a hurricane hit.  Not the normal Sunday afternoon hurricane, but a massive month-long hurricane.

We've been working on projects this weekend.  First up was to return some flooring that has been sitting in our shed for oh, about 3 years now.  Can you see how often we get around to doing projects?  With the store credit we bought some new spindles for the stairs as our neurotic female dog, Daisy chewed them up as a puppy dealing with separation anxiety.  Then we used more store credit for new carpenting to replace on the stairs themselves that our male dog, Highway (fries boy) marked a time or two.

Of course no home project is complete without multiple trips to Lowe's or Home Depot.  When I asked my husband Jimmy to measure the spindles I meant, (like I would not have to explain to you) to take a tape measure and actually measure them.  Instead, he eyes them.  I found this out when we got to the store and he said, "this looks like them."  Needless to say, his "measurements" were incorrect so we had to go back and get the correct ones which they didn't have enough of, so we had to go to the other Lowe's to get the rest of the spindles this afternoon.

The carpeting is my project.  I read something on the internet from the DIY Network, how hard could it be?  Ha.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Jimmy wanted to hire someone to do it, but why hire someone for what you can (maybe) do yourself?  So it's my project.  I've spent 6 hours on it and only removed the carpeting and all the (50,000) staples.

Next is getting our drywall fixed.  We had a roof leak and while the roof was fixed shortly thereafter, the inside damage has not been repaired.  We are hiring someone to do that, though.  I'm all about DIY, but I don't want to try to take on that much drywall.

We're gearing up to sell and move soon.  We need a larger yard and a larger kitchen.  Oh, and my husband wants a garage for the boat he wants to buy.  We'll see about that one.

Well, I need to go nurse the rash and cuts on my arm and start cutting out my padding and carpet pieces.  We were able to find two pieces of remnants that they charged us only $43.00 total for.  They'd been marked wrong and no one wanted to unroll them and measure.

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