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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Over $85 Worth of Organic Coupons

Earth Fare has a whole bunch of coupons for organic items over on their website.  Looks like they can be used anywhere.  Go here to print.

I don't think I ever mentioned it, but I loved the Seventh Generation products I bought.  The smell was a little overwhelming at first, but then it settled into a nice, clean smell, and I really liked it.  The wipes worked just as well as my Lysol ones, and I didn't feel that I had to wipe behind it when wiping off the elevated dog bowl feeder as I usually do with Lysol.  I was very happy about it and happy that I was using something more earth friendly.

Since I'm talking about being earth friendly, we get the Planet Green channel and I like to watch it from time to time.  I was watching Wa$ted today and they were showing this woman who goes through a roll of paper towels EVERY DAY.  She spent over $700 a year on paper towels alone.  Gees Louise!  I've been trying to be more conscious and use dish rags instead of paper towels, so far I've saved quite a bit.  Of course my paper towel budget was never $700 to begin with, but I've probably saved about $40.

I think my biggest vice is double roll toilet paper.  I'll help save the earth any other way that I can, just don't make me switch to two-ply!

Thanks to Money Saving Madness for the heads up on the coupons!

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