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Friday, April 30, 2010

84% Off Laser Hair Removal

Okay, seriously, this has got to be the BEST Groupon yet.  (I'm half tempted to make myself a Groupon shirt and wear around to advertise, Groupon has got to be the greatest idea ever!)

Anyway, today's deal runs through Sunday, so if you want to think about it, you have time.  Today you can get  Four Laser Hair Removal Sessions at the Cosmetic Surgery Center for $99 TOTAL.  This is a $600 value.  (Note it is underarms and up only.)  The certificate doesn't expire for a year, so you've got some time.  I've been considering having laser hair removal done at my dermatologist's office for my legs, but they only do it in VA Beach so I'd have to travel anyway.  This is a great deal (and for this price I can try it out and decide if I want to invest more to have my legs done).  You can buy up to 2 certificates to use, you can use 1 on each body area.  I, personally, am buying 2, because, well, this is a fantastic deal.  Each body area treatment should only require 4 sessions.  There is a discussions tab on the Groupon website about it answering a lot of questions about laser hair removal.

Nothing against other places, but I, personally, prefer to go somewhere with an MD in the building, and this is a plastic surgeon's office.  I've looked up Dr. Lopes (she's board certified) on both the VA Board of Medicine Practitioner Info website and looked at her qualifications on her website, and it looks like a go.


  1. I can't find this on there...where is it exactly? I am new to this :)

  2. This should take you directly there:

    Hope that helps! :)