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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Target Trip 04/08

I took a long lunch today and went grocery shopping.  How exciting is that?  I faired pretty well except for the Cooking Light magazine I have to go back and claim.  I paid for it ($5!!!  Way to not check the price!)  but it didn't make it home.

I'm not going to list everything in detail, but a few good deals or coupons were:
12 Healthy Choice dinners - most were 4/$7 and I used 3 $1/4 coupons from the paper a couple of weeks ago.  I will submit this to receive the $25 coupon book from ConAgra.
3 pack of peppers 4.99 (not a good deal!)
2 Archer Farms pizzas on clearance for 2.48 and 2.64 each
14 yogurt cups (not all pictured) - 10 Dannon used $1/10 coupon from the paper
2 Cherry Cokes and 1 Reese's Cup (which my husband just informed me he ate!!) -- total was 2.10 after using both coupons

3 Seventh Generation products at 2.99 each -- used Target and manufacturer coupons to bring cost down to $4 total and will submit for this $5 rebate making them a money maker
Birthday candles on clearance for .56 cents (they're super cute, they have polka dots on them)
Easter plates for next year on clearance for .49 cents
Plain pink napkins in the Easter clearance for .74 cents

Grand total before tax was $66.85
Total Savings was $22.31

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