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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheap Coke at Target

Let's talk about some cheap Coke now!  If you are a soda drinker, or Coke fan (I know how some people are diehard fans of one or the other and won't drink the other soda!) and a Target shopper, make sure to print a Coke coupon (and other great coupons) off their website for B1G1 free 20 oz Coke or Dasani product coupon.  If you ever want to hear a horribly spoiled story, ask my family about me and Dasani water.  I'll drink tap water all day, but am  not a fan of Dasani!
Anyway, this is a Target coupon which can be combined with manufacturer's coupons on peelies on the drink coolers up by the registers for $1.00 off a 20 oz Coke and Reese's Cup.  So you can get 3 Cokes and a Reese's Cup for about $3.00.  We don't drink 2 liter sodas, my husband rarely drinks soda anyway, I drink them only when needed to fight off the start of a migraine, so keep one in the refrigerator at home and work at all times, so will stock up on a few.  And of course, just eat the Reese's Cup.

According to The Coupon High you are able to print unlimited copies of this coupon as well as $1/1 WYB (2) 8 pack of 12 oz Dasani, $1/2 Kashi Frozen Entrees, 1/3 Kashi Crackers/Cookies/Bars, $1/1 Kashi Frozen Pizza, $1.50/3 Kashi Cereals, and $2/1 GE Energy Smart Bulb.

After you buy your Coke, be sure to start entering the codes from your lids to My Coke Rewards.

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