Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Photo courtesy of The Daily Press

First, Happy Easter, everyone!!  My family and I enjoyed a great Easter service at the Hampton Roads Convention Center with our church, Waters Edge this morning.  Then my mom made a great lunch, I made a dessert that, well, didn't turn out as great as planned, but was still yummy!  I think my husband and I are going to sit outside most of the afternoon, it's a nice 70-some degrees today.  Absolutely beautiful.

Second, the CVS matchups below are going to have to wait until next week, the sales flyer I looked at is actually for next week, not this week.  You can still get cheap Colgate Total toothpaste, Pantene, and Stride gum this week, though. :)  Whoops.  Sorry!!

Third, apparently my goofy dog Highway prefers McDonald's french fries over his dog food.  Not that you can blame him, but that was an adventure last night, courtesy of my husband not pulling the gate latched shut... Sigh.  Anyway, we found him, a police officer, and a crowd watching him eat fries in front of McDonald's across the street from us.  He looked up at my husband and just wagged his stub, let him put on his leash and trotted along with him.

Hope your weekend has been great and much less eventful! :)


  1. Smart dog - I definitely prefer McDonalds French fries over lots of foods! Love the name Highway - sounds like he earned it!

  2. Naughty naughty. Our dogs used to run off too. But he's too cute to be mad at :)

  3. Melinda, yes, he got the name when he was rescued from a cop about to shoot him after being hit by a car on a highway. Wonder if there was a McDonald's nearby?

    Cheryl, I was much more mad at my husband than at the dog. My husband kept telling me, "your sighing isn't helping anything!!"