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Friday, April 16, 2010

Savings Fail!

So I received a few checks in the mail today, a few hundred dollars from a tax lien that's been lingering on my husband's credit for years that was never even his.  I got my $9.99 single rebate check from Rite Aid, and received the $20 Bissell rebate check yesterday.  Today was payday for both myself and my husband as well, so I got it in my head that meant I needed to go shopping.  Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!

I started at Target where I needed to get some more carpet cleaner for my machine so it can finish cleaning up chocolate... Sigh.  My husband also wanted some more Smart Ones dinners so I got him a few of those as well.  I bought some more cereal, too.  I'm okay with generics, in fact, most of the time if I can't get brand name cheaper with a coupon I do buy generics.  However, Farm Fresh's version of Golden Grahams does not cut it.  I bought some last night when I ran in to get some Farm Fresh brand Lactaid milk (which is really good).  The cereal was horrible.  I'm sure their other cereals are fine, but this had way too much honey on it.

Then when my husband went to Vitamin World I may have gone a little nuts in The Limited.  Whoops.  We then ate dinner at Salsa's so figured I might as well see if they had any more pants on clearance at Ann Taylor Loft since there was an extra 40% off their clearance and we were right there.  No pants in my size, but I found 3 shirts...

So today was a huge savings fail, needless to say.  Although unless someone can find all my summer shirts, I don't feel so guilty.  I might have given some away last year at the end of the summer, and some may have turned into a lot.  I donate my things to the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters thrift store, so it's going to a good cause!!  Okay, I know this is horrible trying to justify my bad behavior.

I'm going to be honest here.  I might go check out the Macy's sale tomorrow with my $10 off $25 purchase coupon... I do have some store credit, though, so will only use that.  I only owe $160 left on my Macy's bill which was a lot more to begin with, so am not putting anything else on there ever!!

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