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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Target Merona Coupons!

(photo courtesy of CoverAwards.com)

If you're headed to Target this week, make sure before you go you print up some great coupons.  If you click on the clothing tab it will bring up some coupons including: $2 off a Merona women's top, $3 off Merona men's apparel item, and $2 off Merona women's hosiery item.  In addition to these, if you have a subscription or were going to buy it anyway, the May 2010 InStyle magazine with Scarlett Johansson on the cover has a Merona pull out advertisement on page 49.  Well, open it, because there is a 20% off Merona accessory, apparel, or shoes coupon in there, good until June 15.

Note that sometimes the coupons in the magazines you buy off the rack are different than those that subscription customers get, but you can always thumb through it before buying to make sure it's in there.  However, if it is in there, DO NOT take out the coupon without buying the magazine.  Also, the cover price is $3.99, so if you're not planning on buying it anyway this isn't really a good deal.

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