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Monday, April 5, 2010


If you're in Hampton Roads, go here to sign up for Groupon!  Groupon is, as they say, collective buying power.  You can go here to see how it works if you want more specifics.  In a nutshell, they promise businesses so many "clients" and in turn the business gives the clients a deal.  For example, today they needed 15 people to sign up for the deal, I just woke up (I have the day off :)) and there are already 138 people who have bought their certificates!

I've been waiting for Hampton Roads' Groupon to start for a couple of months, I got my first email from them this morning.  It happens to be for frozen yogurt... Yummmy!! :)  Now, I'm not driving over to VA Beach specifically for frozen yogurt, but I happen to have a doctor's appointment over there this week so will sign up for this offer and use it that day.  My sister will like me very much if I treat her! :)  Today's deal is that you get an $8 certificate for $3 at The Skinny Dip frozen yogurt bar.

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