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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So I went to The Skinny Dip today and it was very good!  I was also happy with how reasonably priced it was.  I was expecting a Cold Stone with frozen yogurt, but was very suprised at the prices.  I had the coupon from Groupon for $8, so figured that would probably cover 1, maybe 1 1/2 cups.  I didn't actually look at the price before filling my cup (not a savvy shopping tip, btw :)), and got up to the register to find out my sister and mine combined was not even $7.  You don't get money back if you don't use the whole certificate, but I still only paid $3 so was still getting a great deal.  The "dipper" let my sister go back and add some more toppings since we were $1 under.

You go in, pick your bowl, pick your frozen yogurt (they offer three flavors in each machine, say, strawberry, peanut butter banana and those two mixed), then you can pick toppings ranging from fruits to cookie dough pieces, then move on to gummi worms, cornflakes, chocolate chips, etc.  By the register they had hot fudge!  Yummy!  You can feel less guilty since you're eating reduced fat frozen yogurt with your toppings, anyway. :)

They price it .47 cents an ounce, it might seem a lot, but my sister and I both got about 7 ounces, which was plenty!

Overall, very impressed and they need to bring one over to the Peninsula!!

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