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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The importance of reading your monthly bills...

So I decided today that I felt like dealing with Verizon.  I wanted to lower my monthly payment, hopefully by taking away some services we did not need (long distance on home phone since we use cells, caller id on home phone, etc--we have to keep our landline for our security system).  Well, I lowered our monthly bill alright.  Apparently, we've been paying for BOTH Fios TV and DirecTV.  Since (and I'm embarrassed to admit this...) last June.  Geeeees!  I thought our bill was high, but figured it was because of taxes and what not.  No, I've been paying for a service we have not been using to the tune of $74 a month.  Besides that, the rep said there was no way to lower our bill any as we have the cheapest bundle.  Still, $74 a month less was more than I was hoping for, and I learned a valuable lesson!!


  1. I hope they refunded your money, that's ridiculous that they didn't catch that! But hey, $74 is a great savings :)


  2. Been there done that. I can relate - we have paid for so much useless stuff, too.

  3. I'm glad you finally caught that! I'm guilty of not looking at our bills too. Anyway, we used to live up there for a long time. Hope you enjoyed all the snow!

  4. No refund, but we are getting free HBO and Cinemax for the next 3 months. I think my husband is more excited about that than mad about no refund. We've (and I use that term loosely) already gotten to watch 3 action movies!