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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Store Review: Dollar Tree Market

I've been meaning to write this for over a week now, I'm finally getting around to it.  Kind of like I've been meaning to finish my stair project for a month now and finally got around to getting it 85% done today.  Sigh.

One of my coworkers asked me to check out Dollar Tree Market and see if it would save her any money.  First, let me have The Virginian-Pilot explain what this is and how it is different.  (Note: the only one in the country is at 4107 Portsmouth Blvd in Chesapeake, VA.  It is a pilot program, so you may or may not ever see this.  It is my review if you are nearby or if it ever does branch out.)

"Inside, it carries a wider array of products akin to a traditional but small supermarket, with fresh foods ranging from steaks to fruit. It also has an expanded housewares section and baked goods made on premises, including custom-ordered cakes, said Chelle Davis, spokeswoman for Dollar Tree, based in Chesapeake.

Dollar Tree Market sells many products for more than a dollar, unlike traditional Dollar Tree stores."

I was really excited to go in and buy food for $1 or less.
Disappointment #1:  While some things were only $1, most weren't.
#2:  I was shocked at how high some of the prices were!
#3:  It was a weird mix of items in one store without being a "full" store.  The regular Dollar Tree is still down the street in the normal location.
Like #1:  The produce was fresh.
#2:  They do accept manufacturer's coupons, unlike the "regular" store.
#3:  The staff, including corporate (based out of Chesapeake), was friendly.

I bought two things.  I got a pound of Butterball ground turkey for $2.15.  The cheapest I've seen it elsewhere is 2.99.  So that was good.  I bought a pack of 5 boneless, skinless chicken breasts for close to 6.00.  Not such a good deal.  I only bought it because that was the only ingredient missing for dinner that night and it would save me a trip anywhere else.  (This is what happens when you try to make a grocery list from memory and haven't checked the stockpiled meat in your freezer lately.)
Is it going to save you money?  Yes and no.  Yes, on certain items (strawberries were 1.50, ground turkey, bread).  No, if you try to buy the majority of your groceries there.
They did have a wide selection, you could even buy wine and crab legs there.  Overall, though, while they're able to offer some great prices in the "regular" store, this store does not offer the same.  I saw some prices in there higher than at Farm Fresh or Kroger on a non-sale day.  I was really more disappointed than impressed.  So, shop at your own risk, but know that you're not necessarilly getting the best price.

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  1. I just happened on your blog from another blog's comments. I was disappointed the first time I went to the Dollar Tree Market too (except that they had awesome books when they first opened for $1 each). Last week, we tried it again and got awesome prices on meat/produce/etc. Granted, we did buy some of the meat that needed to be be sold that day but their regular price for ground beef was two pounds for $2.77 (one pound for the same fat percentage at my Walmart runs about 3.43 a pound so this was a real savings). I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the meat, poultry and produce we got.