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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Target Trip 05/04

Seventh Generation Wipes were 2.99 less $1 manufacturer's coupon and $1 Target coupon (unsure if it still available on the Target website, once I reach my limit it won't show me if it's available or not) = .99 cents
Tropicana OJ 2.99 less $1 Target coupon (see above) = 1.99
Yogurts were on sale .47 each
Puffs were 1.34 (go figure I found them .99 at Farm Fresh--when does that ever happen that it's cheaper at the grocery store?  When you need them immediately.)
Dentastix sale 3.49 less $1 Target coupon and $2 manufacturer's coupon (both in this week's paper) = .49

I got this DVD for 7.99 less a $2 off coupon no longer available on coupons.com (it is for my Dad for Father's Day so that's why it's covered up)
On a lot of the DVDs were peelies for a free 2 liter Coke product when you bought the DVD, so I got the ginger ale free.  (Also good for this nasty sickness I have.)

Total Before Tax 18.52
Total Coupon/Sales Savings 9.15

Don't forget to enter my Target giftcard giveaway so you can stretch someone else's dollar at Target, too! ;)

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