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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Save Money by Leaving Your Husband at Home!

My husband called to tell me he'd be getting off a little early so if I didn't want to go alone he'd go to Farm Fresh with me.  How nice. 

  • he started looking at his watch while I was waiting for the guy to package my scallops.
  • and throwing things in the buggy.
  • and throwing more things in the buggy.
  • and throwing ridiculously expensive Healthy Choice meals into the buggy.  I told him to pick out some and did not realize until checking the receipt afterwards that they were 3.69 each!!  He got 7, so that was almost $28 of our grocery bill.  I assumed he'd check the price.  I assumed wrong.
  • and asking were we done yet.
  • and telling me at the checkout.  "Wow, that cost a lot.  I was expecting it to go down a lot more with your coupons."  I could have choked him.
I now remember why I prefer grocery shopping alone.

Needless to say, I did not take a picture of this failure of a trip.  I couldn't find a few things I was looking for because I had the timekeeper with me.  It wasn't very exciting, anyway.


  1. I too have learned that it is best to leave the guy at home when couponing! He does the same thing to me! He also talks me out of deals ("But we don't need that right now").

  2. That's why I don't take him clothes shopping, or for much else, for that matter.
    "You don't need that, you already have a black shirt."
    Yes, but you don't understand! :)