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Friday, May 14, 2010

One Hour Discovery Flight

This is a pretty cool Groupon today.  Remember Father's Day is coming up, as well as this doesn't expire for a year so could be saved for birthday, graduation, etc.

On your hour-long copiloted flight, leave the small world behind to coast aloft on an adventure of atmospheric exploration. How you use your time is up to you; spend some of the time piloting the mechanical bird or signal your cockpit companion to take over while you enjoy the high-altitude views. With no predetermined flight pattern, choose to fly over the coastline in search of pre-Columbian strip-mall fortifications, or simply breeze through the clouds in pursuit of undiscovered powerup blocks.

Tidewater Flight Center’s welcoming and knowledgeable instructors encourage wingless bipeds of all experience levels to gain a higher appreciation for the art of flying. Use your hour as a step toward a proper pilot's license or as a simple step out from a typical workweek riddled with inconvenient levels of atmospheric pressure.

You can get the one hour flight, a $199 value for $89.  The deal is good through Sunday so you have some time to think. :)  Go here to purchase.
** I have used at least 3 Groupons now and have had absolutely no problems with any of them.  I have 2 more sitting waiting to be used.  It is a great program!!

If you are local to Hampton Roads, there is a new program ScoopCoups started by some guys in VA Beach.  They've had some okay deals, but it doesn't seem as organized as Groupon.  But if you're looking for cheap stuff to do, it doesn't hurt to get the deals from both!  (Note: I have not used ScoopCoups so am just letting you know about it, not recommending it yet.)

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