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Monday, May 3, 2010

Carrabba's Deals, Other Giftcard Deals

** Update:  Carrabba's is NOT giving mom a free giftcard this year.
CVS is running a deal like this as well this week, when you purchase a $25 CVS giftcard you'll get a $5 CVS giftcard free.

Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic did a deal like this around Christmas, but I didn't think about buying it.  They were selling their giftcards for 20% off.  Yes, sounds weird, but that was the deal.  I think I was hoping I'd be good and not shop there this year.  Of course then I decided to make a sock wreath for a friend of mine's baby shower so bought a lot of Old Navy baby socks for that.

Anyway, the point is, if you're going to spend money there anyway, why not make it stretch further?

Another good source is Plastic Jungle.  They sell giftcards at reduced rates (and will purchase ones off of you, too).  I've considered purchasing a Target giftcard to use for my groceries, but the cheapest one I've found is $480 for a $500 giftcard, and well, I don't feel like spending that out of pocket all at once right now.  You can search by store or by percentage off the price.

*** Also, see below for the current Chipotle giftcard offer.


  1. Are you gonna post the Chipotle deal?