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Monday, May 10, 2010

Restaurant.com Discount Code

I thought about titling this post "saving money when eating out" but realized it might be misleading.  I only have three tips: order water, use a coupon, and order the lunch portion when possible.

However, if you're looking for a cheap way to try somewhere new, I've got the deal for you!

The image explains it, but I'll elaborate a little. :)  Restaurant.com teams up with restaurants in your local area (country-wide) to offer discounts on food.  Some restaurants have different stipulations than others.  My favorites are the $25 off when you spend $35 that you pick up for $2 (with the 80% off code).  You essentially spend less than $25 when all is said and done.  Some require a $50 purchase, etc.  You have to go look around to see what each one offers.  The restaurants change frequently, so if you don't see anywhere you like this month, check again next month.

It's been a great way for me and my husband to find good restaurants or find those that we'll probably never try again.  (The sports bar that wasn't real great, the seafood restaurant that was out of half of the menu on a Saturday night!)  We like eating at the Firkin & Frigate so I bought a few of those.

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