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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Target Trip 05/20

Today was an exciting trip to Target! They were marking all kinds of things down to clearance.

Nivea bonus pack was clearanced to $4.66
- used $4 off coupon (can't find date or insert, sorry)
2 Old London Melba Snacks 1.79 each
- used $1/2 coupon on front of package
Fleishman's yeast clearanced to .81 cents
- used .40 cents off coupon (again, no insert info--I'm going to keep track, but only decided this two weeks ago and this was older)
4 Jello packs clearanced .62-.84 cents (They had a lot of flavors marked down--both pudding and jello.)
- used B3G1 free from Target site
3 Lean Cuisines clearanced to 1.38-1.44 each (Much better than 3.69!)
- used $1.00 off 3 coupon printed at register last week
Jergen's Glow 1.99 (travel size)
- used $2 off coupon from coupons.com
LA Looks on sale 1.57
- used $1 off from 03/07 Smart Source insert
2 Hefty One Zip .99 each
- used $1/2 from coupons.com

Total Before Tax $13.52
Total Coupon Savings $11.55

I also got a coupon that printed at the register for $5 off my next frozen food purchase of $20 or more.

Let's note how suprised my mom was I was buying yeast.  She was with me and said, really, you're planning on making bread?  Okay, I'm sure Jimmy would be just as suprised, too, but fresh bread looks and smells so good! :)

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