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Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend.  I was working on home improvement projects.  We are in the process of putting an offer on a house.  I am getting closer to finished with the stairs.  It was going good until I realized I didn't cut the carpet to cover the back flap of the overhang.  And somehow I had no white paint.  Or a paintbrush, although I was going to just use a toothbrush I got free at the beginning of the year.  So off to Lowe's I went.  Now I just need to cut and staple the overhang and it will be my husband's turn to cut and glue the spindles.

Anyway, if you are in one of these areas you can get a free small Dunkin Donuts iced coffee tomorrow:

Baltimore, MD, Charlottesville, VA, Cleveland, OH, Harrisonburg, VA, Norfolk, VA, Washington, DC, Youngstown, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, Richmond, VA, Roanoke, VA, Salisbury, MD, Philadelphia, PA, or Phoenix, AZ

If you're not, you can still get cheap coffee.  Don't forget Starbucks is running half priced drinks now - May 16th.  My sister treated me and our mom to one yesterday!  It was good!

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