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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Walgreens trip

So the lady at Walgreens tried to tell me I couldn't combine a manufacturer's coupon and a Walgreens coupon.  I told her I most certainly could (but was nice about it :)), and then she told me, oh, maybe your coupon won't take because it's for more than the price of the item.  It was for the Stride Mystery Gum that was .79 cents with the in-ad coupon and then I had the manufacturer's coupon off the gum that basically said you wouldn't know how much it is for until it's scanned at the register.  So mine was at least more than .79 cents off.  I'll probably add that on to a Rite Aid purchase to get my total above $15 or $25 for a coupon.

Schick Extreme 3, 4 count razors on sale for $6.99 (used manufacturer's $3 off coupon and Wags $2 off March coupon)
2 packs Stride mystery gum 1.29 (used .79 cent in-ad coupon)
2 Planter's Trail mix on sale 2/$3.00 (used $1/2 Planter's products from the Mr. Peanut FB page)
Not pictured:  Act Mouthwash 5.29 (used $1 off manufacturer's and $1 off Wags March coupon)
Total was 9.32 with Total savings of 11.88

I also went to my mom's house where she was cleaning out her cabinets and gave me three bags full of canned goods.  Score! :)

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