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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yay, my wonderful sister did good!  She revived my camera! :)

So here are my exciting shopping trips from this week!

First, my Rite Aid trip that worked out much better than I planned!
Cottonelle 20 pack double roll $10.99 (receive $2 single rebate check) less $1 RA Video Values coupon, less $1 Coupons.com coupon (now only .50 cents)
Pert Plus for Men on clearance for 1.99 less 1.50 off manufacturer's coupon
Johnson's Baby Lotion 2.99 less 1.00 off in-ad coupon less 1.00 off manufacturer's coupon
Reese's Dark Chocolate Cups 2/$1 less two .55 cents off manufacturer's coupons
Less $3 off $15 coupon attached to my last Single Rebate Check email update (you can get a $5 off $20 from earning 20 RA Video Value "points" by watching videos).
Grand total after tax $8.05 and I will get the $2 rebate check from RA, so $6.05!

At Target I stocked up on Sobe Lifewater for my husband:
10 Sobe Lifewaters at 10/$10, used 2 B1G1 free coupons (there are also .50 cent off coupons available on Target.com), got back a $5 giftcard for buying 10.
Sugar Free Kool-Aid mixes 2.69
Jennie O ground turkey on sale for 2.25 (down from 4.49)
2 Lean Cuisines clearanced to 1.44 each
Lactaid milk 3.29
Dannon yogurt was on sale 10/$4.50 and I used $1 off 10 manufacturer's coupon
Kraft Fat Free cream cheese clearanced to 1.42
2 Tattoos for .67 cents each (to donate)
4 Glitter stickers for .74 cents each (to donate)
Also I bought birthday plates not pictured for 1.99
Less .05 cent credit for taking my own bag
Grand total was $31.26 and I used $5 Target giftcard from last week's Kellogg's deal, bringing my out of pocket to $26.26 and I got the $5 giftcard to use next time.

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