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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gardening, coupons

Make sure you're signed up for Lowe's outdoor living newsletter and Home Depot's garden club.  Both newsletters are very informative, and often contain great coupons!

I'm saving up my Swagbucks to get a Lowe's giftcard.  My neurotic female dog destroyed our stair rail (I mean chewed on every single wooden one!) during some horrible separation anxiety a couple of years ago.  We're looking to move soon so I'm saving up to get a free giftcard to put towards some of the cost of repairs.

I also have My Points I'm saving up for to get either another Lowe's or Home Depot giftcard.  We're doing a few other cosmetic repairs as well.  Has anyone determined whether Lowe's or Home Depot is cheaper, overall?  I did some product searches on both of their website but decided it was about the same?  Anyone have a store preference?

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