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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cheap Chip & Dip bowl!

So I broke down, I did go to our new mall's grand opening.  I was very much not impressed with it.  But that's a story for another day.

Anyway, I went to Macy's this morning with my mother and my 20% off coupon.  This is a 4 day only coupon (good through tomorrow) that doesn't have to be used with your Macy's card.  Thank goodness because I have lots of giftcards and store credits that I can't use coupons with!

Anywho, my mom was looking for dishes so I wandered over to the clearance table.  There was a nice chip and dip bowl, the box said $24.99.  I picked up the actual piece on display and it said $5.99!  The sales lady scanned it for me and it was indeed 5.99, then it took another 20% off.  I couldn't copy the picture, but the link is here.  It's marked as 24.99 online, but if you're going to be near Macy's it's worth a shot.  I've never bought one because I couldn't stomach the price for something I'd only use occasionally.

Then we went over to Target (of course!!) for my mom to get a price adjustment on a swimsuit (go, Mom!!!).  There they were confused that 2 weeks = 14 days so would not adjust the price.  So I told my mom to write to corporate, with her scanned receipt.  The problem was the register was saying her receipt was too old, but I think it's just because February didn't have 30/31 days and was counting extra days.  As were the manager and cashier.  Sigh.  Normally we probably would have let it go, but this was a $6 adjustment!  That's $6 to use to buy more things there!! :)

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