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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coupon organization

I just thought I'd share the way I organize my coupons, just for kicks. :)

I tried an envelope method, but my envelope was always breaking or my coupons falling out the top.  That didn't work so well.  I've had the plastic purse coupon organizer, but wasn't too big a fan of that either.

So, I am now officially a binder girl, or dork, or whatever you want to say!  Start up cost was about $7.  I got the zippered binder on clearance at Office Max and bought baseball card organizers at Target, I think those ran $5.
I keep my Walgreens insert or other weird large coupons in the front.  That's a Restaurant.com certificate tucked in the front.  I have my coupons grouped by category, some people alphabetize, and while I do that with my cds, I find it easier to group my coupons by category.

For instance, this is my dog food/treat page.  It's not necessarilly pretty, but I can see what items the coupon is for.  I can easily see expiration dates as well, either on the front or back of the clear pages, so can pull them out quickly.

In the back I have a page of restaurant coupons, a page of Target store coupons with at least 1 manufacturer coupon for the same product attached.  That reminds me I have two coupons I can use on the item for maximum savings.

The initial start up took me about an hour to organize, but now I can easily pop the coupons in the section, being able to add or take out an empty page as needed.  I usually cut my coupons Sunday mornings after church, before lunch, when I read the paper.  Then, I will buy any extra newspapers at my Dollar Tree and cut and organize again Sunday evening while my husband is watching tv.  That way there is something else going on and I'm still having interaction with my husband.  In fact, this week he asked if "we" had any good coupons in the paper.

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