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Saturday, March 27, 2010


A friend of mine owns this business, so I know it's legit and can attest to the fact he knows what he's doing!  Become a fan of mediaNsite on Facebook, it's a "Social Media Marketing Solutions for your growing business."  Or he can help you out if you need help operating your cell phone. :)

Like I said, he knows what he's doing, is very friendly, and there's not a question too dumb that he won't help you with.  Trust me, I've asked a few in my time!

If nothing else, become a fan because he updates it with great tidbits of wisdom!!

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  1. I appreciate the support Amanda.

    Later this summer, mediaNsite is going to be a full fledged social marketing and media consulting company. We will offer services to better market your business using web 2.0, social networks, social bookmarks, podcasts, and more. We will also offer marketing design services if you need help with logos or marketing materials. Finally, we will help your business integrate all of these social media tools to make your company successful in this new marketing paradigm.