Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas

Monday, March 22, 2010


First, I hope to have some pictures up later today of some shopping I did last week.

Second, tomorrow is free pastry day at Starbucks.  You just have to print out or show this coupon on your phone and you'll get a free pastry with your purchase of a hand crafted beverage.

Third, tomorrow is free cone day at Ben & Jerrys!  Thankfully our closest store is nowhere near where I'll be tomorrow so I can skip this one. :)

Lastly, (for now) I used my free Purex 3 in 1 sample yesterday and was VERY impressed!  It was a true test because I was washing my curtains and knew they were going to be a big static mess.  I can't attest to how they would work on really dirty things, though I think it would hold up, but the anti-static component worked great!  I definitely will be buying a box to use on my curtains (I've been spring-cleaning).  I'm pretty stocked with Tide and All for my regular laundry, but will use it on a load of my husband's work clothes to see how it goes.  Will let you know.

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