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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Target Deals

Totally Target has the best deals for this upcoming week at Target.  I'm very excited about the Sobe Lifewater deal.  My husband loves these, and usually pays about 1.50 each, including the two he bought this morning on his way out to go fishing.  (It was a pretty 80 degrees here today!!)  Anyway, I told him we are stocking up this week.  Even at $1 each, it's still better than the usual price.

We went this evening and I bought new batteries since I threw 4 away this week.  I'd pulled them out of a Wii remote and the DVD remote, so figured I better get some more. :)

I went to buy the Dial handsoap, but they did not have the NutriSkin at my store.  Oh well.  I'm still going to hang on to the coupons in the hope that they start carrying it before my coupons expire.

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