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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Always shopping!

Lately I feel like I'm constantly at Target, I feel like I spend more time there than at my own work or home!  I thought I was done, then my husband asked when we were going grocery shopping again.  Gees, quit eating already!!  Okay, I'm kidding, don't worry, I don't starve him.

I bought 4 Lean Cuisines (coupon was $1 off 4), 5 Smart Ones ($1 off 5), 2 Johnson's Buddies soap bars ($1 off each), 2 Lunchables, store brand drink mix, store brand tea (on clearance), 1 Sobe Lifewater (.50 cents off), Golden Grahams (not pictured), and Lactaid milk.
Total was $34.22, saved $7.86 with coupons and sales.

At Walgreens there is a coupon in their sales flyer (available in the front of the store) for 3/$3.99 Reach and Listerine items.  I used that with a B1G1 free floss coupon and B1G1 free toothbrush coupons.  The taco shells and seasoning were $1 each, then the drinks on top of that brought my grand total to $4.59.  Again they wouldn't let me use my $5.99 RR from the other week so I'm going to have to contact corporate about that, and I forgot I had another $2 RR, so I'll try to roll that next week!

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