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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"You Didn't Do That Great"

My husband Jimmy tagged along with me to Farm Fresh this evening.  They were doubling coupons up to $1 today.  We checked out and he told me, "you didn't do that great."  We do occasionally have to spend money on food!  Then he did say, "Well, some of it was my V8 drink."

In total we spent, before tax 24.35 and saved 10.00

Not a huge savings, as he pointed out, but we were out of cereal and I needed peanut butter to make my dogs some more Frosty Paws (they were a big hit with them yesterday--yes, they're very spoiled.)  I am also going to make some Breakfast Muffins so needed some Bisquick (that's what has Shrek's face on it) and cheese.  We finally used the 10 pounds of cheese in my refrigerator.  Okay, 10 pounds may be an exaggeration, but I haven't bought cheese in a few months.  (We'll not talk about not planning ahead and how the price of the ONE bag of cheese was 1.99.)

Then we headed over to see our friend Evie.  My sister is babysitting her Wednesday nights for a few weeks, so we stopped by for a little visit.

This weekend my dad, Jimmy's golf partner, is working, so Jimmy's going to be put to work around the house.  He so far has only mentioned washing his truck and my car, but I am much more concerned about the hurricane in our living room.  We'll see how much we can get accomplished. ;)

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  1. You make my muffins???? You just made my day. I just love those things. Good job with your savings too. :)