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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Lunch

I had some yummy free lunch today with my mom, sister, and a friend at Abuelo's at Peninsula Town Center.  They are opening Thursday so were doing test runs with customers, during which they give out free meals.  It was good.  They were inviting people walking by on the mall street, too, if you're interested.  You might take a stroll by this evening and inquire.

Then I headed to Rite Aid because we're getting dangerously low on toilet paper.  At Rite Aid, I failed to use my brain.  It happens.

My total before tax was $11.47.  It should have been $10, but I didn't think to use the Charmin coupon in the free coupon book at the front of the store.  I got $3 back in Up Rewards from the Pantene, so I'm going to go back to get more Charmin tomorrow.  It's on sale for $6.49 less $1.50 less $3 Up Reward and then I'll get $1 Up Reward back, so approx $1 after all that.

Then I headed over to TJ Maxx with a giftcard.  I love both TJ Maxx and giftcards, so it was a happy trip. :)  I spent $17.71 and have .13 cents left on my giftcard.  Yay!

The DuraBone was $2.99
Biodegradable poop bags were $5.99
Tazo Tea was $3.99
I also bought a Christmas present for my sister which is not pictured because she would have peeked even if I told her not to.

I could have spent much, much more, but I was trying to stay within the gift card balance.  I can't go to TJ Maxx too often.  I have no self control in stores like that.

I'm headed back to Kroger again tonight.  I'm getting a little obsessed with that, too.  The savings have been so good, though!  I'm also going to Kohl's.  This may not be good.  Uh-oh.

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