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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun Mail

Today was one of those days it's fun to check the mail.  No bills, no junk mail (I know, one of only like three days a year without it!), but lots of coupons and a silly celeb gossip magazine (Ok!  btw, I only get it because it was $1 for a subscription with something I bought on Amazon last year.  I feel I should clarify, hehe.)

I got some Macy's coupons, a Bath & Body Works one (free signature collection item with any $10 purchase), $10 off $25 at Yankee Candle, and a Money Clip magazine.

Of course that means that I shop at these stores too often if I'm getting so many coupons from them, but let's not talk about that.  Did you get your $10 JC Penney cash coupon.  Mine came in the mail Saturday and starts today.  I don't usually shop at JCP, but I do like to go spend their free money!

I'd been keeping my eye on this magazine rack at JCP, though.  I originally saw it last time I was browsing with my $10 cash coupon, but couldn't justify spending the $30 it was marked down to in the store (marked down from $120, mind you!!!  What in the world?!).  It got marked down again to $23 but I'm still too cheap to buy it.  Last time I went to check it, they were all sold out.  I was thrilled then to find it at one of the malls in PA marked down to $13.  That, I could justify.  It could have been only $3 had they had some at my store now with the coupon, so now I feel I need to get my $10 worth back from them.

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