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Monday, August 9, 2010

I Think I Left My Brain On Vacation

Or it may not have left the house to go on vacation with me.  On my husband's Tom-Tom (Jane--yes, she has a name), it maps out your route and asks if you want to avoid toll roads.  Since it was a 1 hour difference, we said no.  You would think that it would have dawned on us to make sure we had cash, but we assumed the other one had plenty.  This is a picture of all the cash we had with us (on top of my $15 Kohl's Vera Wang purse, by the way):

This is a picture of our first toll:

Below is our second day, at the National Constitution Center.  It was a really, really cool museum.  At the beginning they had a video/live person production that Jimmy said should be played for everyone entering boot camp.  We didn't have time to go anywhere else that day as he had to be to training at 1 pm (he was there to work, after all ;)), so we didn't get to see the Liberty Bell, but this museum was definitely worth our trip into the city.

The next day I was on my own as he was in training all day, so I mosied on out to Longwood Gardens.  As a side note, if you are buying a Groupon for another city, make sure you find out how far away the attraction is from where you are staying.  I almost didn't go since I found out it was an hour and 15 mins from our hotel, but decided it was better than trying to navigate back into Philadelphia by myself.  I am really glad I did end up going to Longwood Gardens, though.  It was gorgeous!

I spent two hours there and could have easily spent more time had, well, mainly had I remembered to actually pack my tennis shoes.  My comfort footbed Nike flip flops were only but so comfortable.  You could also pay $4 extra for a 45 minute behind the scenes tour, eat at a few different restaurants on the grounds, etc.

I mainly couldn't eat there because I was looking forward to Legal Seafood.  Yum!  I hit the HUGE King of Prussia Mall on the way home, mainly just to eat at LS.  The mall itself was fairly overwhelming, and I can shop!  I only went in one side, the side with the cheaper stores. :)

All in all, it was a great trip and I thank my husband for allowing me to tag along and spend money while he worked and made money. ;)

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