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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walgreens & Rite Aid Trip 08/31

Yes, you read that right.  My trip back to Walgreens was successful (though they still need to throw out their cash registers and start again, and they need a better labeling system).  Since I felt slightly embarrassed about my passive aggressive e-mail to corporate and didn't know how much of it the manager had seen, I felt I should throw a few more things in the buggy.  See, I'm not as rought around the edges as you'd think based on my post about Walgreens!

To let you know what happened, apparently the Celsius energy drinks are on sale B1G1 50% off (of course this was not marked and is STILL NOT marked, but let's not talk about that), so they ring up as 7.99 + 3.99 = 12.00 (approx), less $3 September coupon book x 2 = $6.00.  My two $3 manufacturer's coupons were making it equal $0 which you know the Walgreens cash registers hate.  The manager did adjust them both so I only paid 2 cents, due to my issue the other day.  I have heard Walgreens corporate is not very customer friendly, but I was very pleased with the response and them fixing the situation.  I wrote them back to let them know the situation had been taken care of, but that their cash registers leave a lot to be desired.  I also apologized to the manager and told her the cash registers suck, which she said to trust her, they knew.

Anyway, here's my $12 trip (and I got $2 RR for the Carmex)

Then I went over to Rite Aid where I love, love, love the employees.  One of the managers opened up a line for me as I'd put two people in front of me because I had so many coupons.  I don't like being the person holding up the line when there's only one open register.

Another reason my store rocks is because they have great clearance.  Maybe every location does, but I love browsing theirs.  Even if some of the same things have been on clearance for like 3 months now.  Seriously, I have seen the same Gillette shampoo for $2.99 at least since June.  Maybe longer.

Today's great finds were: the Perfect 10 hair color.  I was going to buy some anyway as my highlights have grown out, so $5.99 less a $2 coupon is much better than $80 at the salon.  Or $11.99 full price. ;)
Then the Symphony bars!!  They were just marked clearance, so I was fine if they were even 50% off which would have made then .44 cents each.  But they were .22 cents each.  So I bought 12.  Don't worry, they're not going straight to my hips, they're going in gifts.  By the way, there were a ton of them left, so 12 didn't even begin to deplete their stock.

In total, after my $5/25 Video Values coupon and the other coupons (including $5 in Up Rewards), I spent $5.16 before tax.  I got back $1 Up Reward for the cereal.

By the way, the sales ad states 40 count Dixie plates, but the picture is of the 45 count.  All the Dixie and Vanity Fair products were marked as $1.99 at my store.  Anyway, in the coupon book at the front of the store there is a $1 off any Dixie product coupon which makes your 45 count plates .99 cents!

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