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Thursday, August 26, 2010

CVS Trip 08/26

I made it into CVS today.  Mainly because we needed milk for the macaroni and cheese we were having for dinner, but I figured I'd go ahead and do my shopping.

If I have a guilty pleasure, it's definitely bad tv.  You know, Real Housewives of wherever, Teen Mom, The Rachel Zoe Project.  Bazaar has a photo spread with Rachel Zoe in it, so Bazaar mag made it into my basket.  The Wendy's giftcard was something I'd needed to buy as a gift for a few weeks now, the Listerine had an ECB offer and I had a $5 off coupon when you bought 3 Listerine, Reach, or Rembrant products.  I'm not sure where I got the coupon from, but it's been in my binder for at least 3 months, and I finally got to use it!  The Reach floss was clearanced, so after the ECBs, it was a $1 moneymaker.  That paid for a portion of my magazine, right? ;)

After my coupon and using $6 ECBs my out of pocket was $17.  Not bad considering $15 was a giftcard.  So this wasn't exactly my shopping list, but it works for me!

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