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Thursday, August 19, 2010

All About Food

I woke up to rain.  Outside, thankfully.  Last time I woke up to rain inside it was in the form of a leaking water heater in the attic.  That caused a few weeks of chaos in my house.

Anyway, I woke up to rain.  Rain always makes me hungry.  I'm not sure why.  Today I had a doctor's appointment at 11:30 which included fasting labwork so could not eat.  (I was half tempted to go back to work after my appointment to eat another piece of Coldstone Creamery birthday cake from lunch yesterday.  I resisted the urge.)  We're sending one of our temp coworkers a little care package as she went off to college this week, so this was at my desk this morning:

That is my sad water next to Skittles.  I don't even like Skittles, but the ribbon around them was so cute they made me want to eat them!  And did you know they now have Fizzy Skittles?  That's the blue box.

So I worked for a little while and put the Skittles in the drawer so I wouldn't see them and think about them.  Or any other candy.  Or food in general.

I went to my appointment and while waiting, thought about what I was going to eat for lunch.  The appointment took 1.5 hours (it was for a clinical research trial, this was my first visit so they had to do a lot), so by 1 pm I'm of course starving.  I had my mind set on Subway, but so did the guy next to me who wouldn't let me over!  I planned on stopping by Ollie's later anyway, so ran there first, figuring I might spend less money if I was hungry and wanting to get out to eat.  I didn't think about that all their food would look delicious.

Who needs Chocolate Cream Puffs?  Me, when they're only .49 cents.
Mashed potatoes?  They look so good with the butter, and yum.  Another good rainy day food. .49 cents each, too.
Green sprinkles?!  Yes, I have visions of all the baking I'm going to do, and of course I can't just by one container, because what if I run out in the middle of a great project?  For .99 cents each, think of all the cute things I can do!
I did resist the urge to buy ground toffee sprinkles, ground chocolate sprinkles, and football themed sprinkles.  And frosting mix.  And decorative icing.  I did use some self control.  When did I last bake a cake or use sprinkles?  I don't have a fat clue.

I also bought some burrito seasoning and Combo's because, well, they looked good.

Shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea.  I think that the lack of sugar in your system leads to bad decisions.  My husband eventually wants kids (talk to me in a few years), so what did I need to buy and keep for whenever that day comes?

A Winnie the Pooh Baby's First Year calendar complete with stickers.  This picture doesn't do it justice, it's sooo cute!  And you write in the year, month, and days, so I can keep it and use it whenever.  Yes, I told you it's a bad idea to shop on an empty stomach!  Believe it or not, I'm not a hoarder.  Though I'd probably deny it even if I was, but I swear, I'm not.

My total at Ollie's was $8.40.
Ollie's is a dangerous store like TJ Maxx in that the inventory constantly changes so you feel the need to buy then.  I almost bought my husband an Ohio State Gillette razor but then snapped back to reality.  $7 for a razor?  Heck no.  Their food usually isn't a really good deal, except when they had bags of Starbucks for $3.99 the other week.  Generally, if you coupon, you can get things much cheaper elsewhere, but you can't beat the prices on a lot of items they have.

I finally made it to Subway around 2 pm.  While writing this, Jimmy called and offered to make dinner.  Is it bad that I'm finally full?

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