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Friday, August 13, 2010

60% Savings at Kroger

I'll be honest, I almost didn't go back to Kroger, but I'm glad I did decide to.  I had dragged Jimmy out to Kroger earlier this week; it was an epic failure.  Okay, perhaps not epic, but they were wiped out of everything.  Today, however, was better.  It was still slim pickings on the Sobe Lifewaters (and I saw a woman with at least 30 in her cart--do they not put customer limits on these things during sales?), but I was able to get 8.

Here's what I did:

I also needed to get some more Smart Ones dinners which were on sale for $1.88 each, and I had a $4 off when you purchase 10 coupon that I got off their website a few weeks ago.
The Tide Stain Release was clearanced to $3.79 and I used the $3 off from the 08/01 P&G making it .79 cents!  That's the right price to pay to try a new product!
I had loaded a .60 cent off coupon from Kroger.com to use off the $1 A&W Root Beer.  I foresee cheap root beer floats in my future. :)
The Crystal Light Pure Fitness was 2/$5 and I used two $2 off coupons from Vocal Point
The pastry shells were clearanced to $3.79 and I have high hopes of making something wonderful with them.

8 Sobe Lifewaters at $1.09 each minus $4 for buying 8 in their sale, used 3 B1G1 free coupons from Sobe.com  (I was supposed to buy 10 to get $2 off from my Kroger coupon, but didn't read my list even though I actually made one.)
2 Gold Peak Teas (yum!) at 1.00 each, and used a Kroger coupon for $1/2
3 Fuze at 1.00 each, Kroger coupon for $1/3
4 Larabars at 4/$5, used .75 cents/3 from Coupons.com
2 Pure Protein bars 1.49 each, Kroger coupon for $1/2

Total Before Tax $30.09, Total Savings $45.14

I actually saved more than I should have as the cashier rang each Sobe coupon as 1.89 off, the maximum value of the coupon than 1.09, but she wasn't interested in listening to what I was saying.

Do I dare point out that I went shopping alone this time and managed to save more money?  Hmmm.

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  1. You better make me something yummy with those pastry shells! Just remember your past(r)ey white sister!