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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rite Aid and Candy Corn

Whew, it's a busy week!  My spare bedroom is still a nightmare as it has yard sale items in it.  It's an organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless.

I made a quick trip to Rite Aid this week because I found out the Nexxus deal was going to get even better!  It is B1G1 50% off this week, there is a $6/2 Video Values coupon, AND if you were lucky enough to snag one of those elusive coupon books from the store a couple of months back, another $2 off coupon.  When you spend $20 you get a $7 Up Reward.  After everything, I got $32 worth of shampoo (one 33 oz bottle and a shampoo with free conditioner pack) for $11.  Of course I still used a $5/$25 coupon, but put some more things in the buggy, so that discount kind of disappeared. ;)

My memory card is still not inputting, but I'll show you a picture of what I'm going to be working on:

Of course I'd like to think it's not nearly as much work as it really is going to be.  Here is the link with the instructions.

Also while at Rite Aid, I ran across some 75% off Starbucks coffee.  $9.49 bags for $2.37?  I think that if you're getting a Christmas present from me, you can be pretty confident it's going to include Starbucks (well, assuming you like coffee :)).  Plus, making it even better is that when you finish the coffee bag, you can take it to a Starbucks store and get a free tall coffee!

I also got two bags of candy corn for said wreath and some feminine hygeine products.  I paid with $11 worth of Up Rewards, spent $11.30 out of pocket and got back $8 in Up Rewards for the next great sales week.

Then I ran to Farm Fresh to grab some crab legs and margarine.  That was $17.  It's so weird to walk out with 3 items for that much vs. last week when I spent $40 and got 50+ items.

Speaking of Farm Fresh, even though it wasn't advertised yet this week, the cashier said their new policy is .99 doubles everyday and $1 doubles every Wednesday.  It had been like that the past few months on and off, but she said it's standard now.  You better believe Wednesday is going to be my official grocery day.  Boring, yes, but worth it?  Absolutely.

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