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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baking Day Part 2

I started out trying to make these Coffee Sugar Cookies.  The process went well once I realized the reason the dough was so wet was because I was rolling the dough on my warm stovetop.  Duh.

So these were the first few:

The top one looks like it's got it's arms out for help, trying to escape.  It got better after a few go rounds, though.  I had also read on Janet's blog From Captain's Daughter to Army Mom that you could skip flour and roll your dough between two pieces of wax paper for better taste, but that didn't work for me (the skipping flour).  However, you can see why when you compare any of her baking entries compared to this one.  Hint: Remember that I had to borrow a cookie cutter and buy a rolling pin.

I also made breakfast muffins which I don't have pictured because my camera battery died before I got that far.  Anyway, I'll be lucky if any of what I made today lasts through the weekend.  Jimmy has already eaten a few cookies and a muffin since he got home from the gym 20 minutes ago (and he even got a shower in there somewhere.)  There's really no point in trying to freeze any.

The cookies were good.  I don't care for coffee, but I ate one.  I have some to take to work with me tomorrow, and some for Jimmy to take to work with him, if he decides to let them leave the house.  I used French Vanilla Eight O'Clock coffee in my cookies.  This was mainly a test drive for holiday cooking.

I have a few more things I'll be making this weekend, but they involve a trip to the grocery store which I was hoping to avoid.  They look really good, so I will share! :)

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