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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

What a fun, but busy weekend!  It started Friday evening with date night.  Friday was 6 years since my husband and my first date, so he took me out for a fancy dinner.  We went to The Trellis Restaurant in Williamsburg.  Unfortunately, they have recently changed ownership and it wasn't nearly as good as it was before. :(  They no longer offer the seasonal special dinner option, and it seemed a bit more expensive, too.  We now have to find a new special occasion spot.

He got steak and I got rainbow trout.

Saturday he went golfing and I slept in.  After lunch he took me to the library's used book sale.  I scored pretty well, spending a total of $8.50 out of pocket for everything.

Hopefully I can get a book or two read before my yard sale in two weeks so I can turn around and get rid of it.  We wouldn't want Jimmy thinking I'm a hoarder or anything...

Today I made cupcakes for dessert after lunch.  The homemade buttercream frosting was a little runny, but, again, we've discussed my lack of culinary skills already.

After lunch my mom and I tackled some pulling of garage sale items.  We should have a good little sale.  I told Jimmy that I'm selling off things so he can move the new things I've bought!

Now I'm at home being a golf widow again.  I'm taking a break from reading magazines and the dogs are napping, so it's a nice, quiet afternoon.  At least until he gets home and starts yelling at the tv/football game.  Will he ever realize they can't hear him?  :)

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