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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cooking Day Two

I got a little bit more done today.  One recipe did not make the cut and I knew it about the time I got to this part of the directions:

Corn in a blender?  Made me want to hurl.  Nevertheless, I put the rest of the ingredients together, but the Summer Squash and Corn Chowder didn't make the cut.  I tried a bite and it wasn't a winner.  Not to say yours won't be, but mine certainly wasn't!

I finished mixing up the cheese balls and made a key lime pie and a pan of cornbread.  I have carrot souffle in the oven as we speak and am going to try to put together the vegetable casserole, the quesadillas, and the meatballs later.  I figure at least if I don't get the meats done, it's easy to grill some chicken and heat up a side dish.  As long as there is something available to eat that is quick, I'm happy.

I had a good CVS trip yesterday, I'll put up the pics later.  Right now, the souffle is ready to take out of the oven!

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