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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daggone computer

Okay, well, you'll have to see my pictures later.  My memory card will not input into my laptop.  Sigh.  This better not mean my laptop is about to bite the dust!  We already had a near miss once this year, I have other plans for my yard sale profit that do not include purchasing a new computer.  Okay, well, I have no plans, but I definitely do not want to spend money on a new computer.

Anywho, Farm Fresh has really been stepping it up lately!  Their $1 doubles have been really great.  I spent $44.41 before tax, and saved a total of $58.03 which was a 57% savings.  I got to use those $3 off Wisk coupons that are expiring soon to get 32 load bottles for $1.50 each.  Guess what I'm doing this weekend?  Yep, washing everything in my house!  I have enough laundry detergent, you know.

I went to Target this afternoon.  Gulp.  The good news is I saved $15.67 plus got a lot of items on clearance, so probably saved close to $40 when you figure that in.  The bad news?  I spent $64.  Holy cow.  I did get back a $5 Target giftcard, though, does that count?  Also, about $15 was Christmas presents.  See, it doesn't look so bad now!

Time to pull out the fall decorations.  Might as well make him pull out the Christmas tree while we're in there, see if it should go in the trash now.  However today does not feel like fall.  It is 90 some degrees outside.  The back door is open, the AC is on and The Rachel Zoe Project is on my tv.

I'll try to get my laptop to behave and post pics and details later.

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