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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baking Day

Today has been cooler than I expected.  Of course 88 degrees isn't really cool, but it sure beats 100.  I didn't go to Rite Aid, I was waiting on a response from corporate that wasn't what I was hoping for.  Some of the stores have a two pack of Nexxus shampoo for $9.99.  There was also a $2 off Nexxus coupon in the Rite Aid store coupon book, and you could get a $10 Up Reward for buying $20 of Nexxus products.  At CVS, if you're within cents of the total your ECB will print up, but Rite Aid corporate said it has to be $20 to the penny for the Up Reward to print.  Poo.  I'll just wait for CVS to run my shampoo on clearance again.  Speaking of CVS, I was really excited to get a $5/30 coupon in my email today.  I haven't had one in a couple of weeks, and there are a lot of good sales going on next week!

With it being cooler, I decided to do some cooking.  I washed the dust off of everything in my kitchen and set to it.  First, I threw together some Texas Caviar.  Then I looked at my tortilla chips stash.  We have 1/3 of a bag left.  Dang.  Note the Sobe I have stocked in my crisper.  CVS is going to have it B1G1 free again next week.  I refuse to pay full price!  Well, until I have to, anyway.

Then I made up some Frosty Paws.  I didn't have much yogurt left so it only made 4 cups, but that will tide my spoiled dogs over until I go to the store again.  You know, in a few weeks.  They don't look appetizing (of course my presentation leaves a lot to be desired), but my dogs gobble them up.

By the way, I didn't really like the Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino ice cream.  Has anyone else tried it?

I made green bean casserole and baked some honey ginger marinated chicken for dinner.  I have some dough setting in the refrigerator and some more baking planned for this evening.  More updates later.