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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Birthday!

I never made it to Farm Fresh the other day.  By the time I got off work, I was exhausted, and nothing was so hot that I couldn't live without.

Today is my birthday.  Yay!  (I get VERY excited about birthdays, don't mind me! ;-)  I was excited about everything I got in the mail in way of free things, but it got even better this morning.  I checked my e-mail and had a whole new slew of coupons.  Aaaaah, what a great day! ;-)  I've mentioned a few things that I got, but let me tell you, even if you have everything go into a junk e-mail account, you should sign up for stores' newsletters!  I got things from Victoria's Secret, The Limited, Starbucks, Ben & Jerry's, Coldstone, Dairy Queen, Carraba's, Sears, etc.  That's just what I can remember.

I went to Target this morning after my mom and I went to Peninsula Pet Pantry's yard, book, and bake sale.  I got a couple of books and made a donation.  Back to Target--it was a madhouse!  However, it still was better than Wal-Mart.  My Target has a lot of things on clearance right now, and I've gotten some good deals this week.  Pictures later, but I got Woolite Dark Wash for around $5, marked down from $11.  I bought 3 bottles.  I use that on my dress pants, because, well, as much as I pay for them, they better stay looking good!  There were also some other odds and ends things.  There were still a ton of Halloween things left today, so I'm hoping for a good clearance selection come Monday.  Or so I can at least snag plates and napkins cheap for next year.  I'm not so much interested in the candy, mainly because come this evening I will have had 3 birthday cakes and will need to lay off sugar for the next year or so to make up for it.  Ha!

Besides that, I didn't set foot in a drug store this week.  I went to Target and I did drop in Kroger, but the trip wasn't real successful.  As in, the only thing I really remember buying was bananas.  See, not real exciting. :-)

I'm off to read my mail.  And then watch Hoarders.  Yay.  My sister bought me season 1 for my birthday.  Such a good sister!!


  1. Riley sent us over to wish you Happy Birthday! Sounds like you're having fun, so far! Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy birthday (again)!!

  3. Happy Birthday Amanda! Riley is putting the word out.

  4. Happy Gotcha Day!

    Riley sent us ;)

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins
    PeeEssWoo: Mom agrees with woo about Target - plus she doesn't even set foot in W******