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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"I Think I Have a Fear of Touching Raw Vegetables"

Jimmy's grocery trip was mostly successful.  He let me know he got everything on the list except the vegetables.  He calls me and tells me "I think I have a fear of touching raw vegetables."  What in the world?  He tells me he picked up something and immediately started itching all over.  Ends up it was collards, so I told him to just not pick them up.  He is allergic to mango skin, so this is believable, but I guess he thought he had a fear of it because it was so immediate.  Silly Jimmy.

Then he told me this old lady had to laugh at him.  He called me at work to ask what kind of cake mix to get since they didn't have German chocolate.  I did put on the list that he could get whatever kind if they didn't have it, but he told the lady after he got off the phone that he wanted to check with me so he didn't get beaten when he got home.  The lady laughed and looked at his list and coupons and asked did he now appreciate his wife more?

I didn't get pictures of everything.  There are two bags of potatoes (I guess he could touch them since they were in bags already), two cans of cinnamon rolls, and two cans of crescent rolls that didn't make the pictures.

Excuse the mess in the background.  I wish I had a good excuse for it, but I really don't. :-)

He saved $19.30 with coupons and paid $49.90 out of pocket.
I didn't specify a couple of things so he got the more expensive versions, but did tell me that had I not specified Old El Paso refried beans on the list he could have gotten me the store brand cheaper.
I won't break it all down because it's a lot, but I'm happy I got a break from grocery shopping one week!  He did so well I might have to send him again...

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  1. Yikes on the allergies - that would make me scared to touch the veggies! Every time my hubs goes shopping for me, I know I will get 3-4 phone calls from the store asking me questions!