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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hitting the Sales

The yard sale went well.  The rain stopped long enough to have a great day.  It came back again yesterday and today.  Thursday morning the schools had a 2 hour delay because of the rain.  My house is getting back to normal, so I'm happy about that!

After work today, I ran by CVS and Target. 

First, you will notice that I'm in a snacking mood today.  Don't judge.  PMS happens.
All Crayola at CVS is B1G1 50% off this week.  I've been looking at this 3D Sidewalk Chalk at Target for a while now for Jimmy's cousin for Christmas.  (We'll not talk about then I went to Target and all their Crayola chalk items are on clearance.)
The dry erase crayons are probably going to be better received than dry erase markers, so I got those to go with the $2 dry erase removable sticky pad I found clearanced at Target a couple of weeks ago.

All in all, with my $5/$25 coupon I spent $16.04 out of pocket and got back a $9 ECB for the Revlon.
I forgot to take my ECBs from last week with me, so I had a higher out of pocket.  It happens.

Where was the glass cleaner when I had a coupon last month?
The Spongebob and Diego books were clearanced to .88 cents each.  Again, going in kids' Christmas presents.
Funny thing about the Golden Grahams:
12 oz was $2.54
16 oz was $2.39
These were the regular prices, not that one was on sale.  Obviously, I bought the 16 oz.

Select ice cream items are Buy 5, get a $5 giftcard.
Since I was going to buy 1, why not buy 5?
Remember, we're not judging. ;)

I am running to Rite Aid tomorrow.  I'm going out to dinner with friends tonight, and my Rite Aid seems to close really early.  I was going to go earlier but didn't have my Up Rewards with me.  The story of my unorganized day.

Luckily there are about 5 Rite Aids in a 2 mile radius of me (not kidding!), so I think I'll be able to get the Schick razors, Nivea chapstick and Viva Paper towels.  I'm hoping anyway.

I'd been saving my $2 Video Values coupon for Banana Boat sunscreen until it goes on clearance.  I skipped a couple of weeks at RA and when I went back in at the end of last week they only had 4 bottles of sunscreen left.  Total.  Of course those were RA brand, so my coupons weren't any good, but I was amazed at how quickly the sunscreen was scooped up.  I didn't pursue more than one store as it was going to be a good deal if they had it, but not a search around for it.  However, the deals this week definitely will be!

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