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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Tour

I finally broke out my fall decorations today.  Take a tour of my living room with me.

I got these candles at Yankee Candle last year.  They're white, but when the wax starts dripping it drips red, like blood.

I got this at TJ Maxx.  I love their holiday selections.  There are also smiling ghosts on here.  Nice and happy. :-)

So cute.  I got these at CVS this year.  This is what they are supposed to look like.  Jimmy likes to move the accessories around.

This is the magazine rack I snagged for $12 on clearance.  I watched this baby for quite a while.  Can you believe the original price was $120?  And that it's still $60 on their website?  Sheesh!  Now if I can get him to move the tv stand so it can sit nicely, that would be great.

This was a treat at work today, made at the Hilton Bakery.  There were some cute cupcakes!  This was definitely the least pretty of the bunch (but still really pretty!), but it's red velvet, so I wasn't going to pass it up!  I didn't have my camera at work to get a shot of the rest.

Hope you've enjoyed your tour!

We're going to get our free pumpkin at Peninsula Town Center tomorrow.  The picture in the e-mail (above) shows full size pumpkins, so we'll see what they actually give us.

Pumpkin Patch in Town Square

October 8th - October 31st

Monday - Friday 6:00 - 8:00 PM
 Saturday - Sunday 2:00 - 6:00 PM

Visit our Pumpkin Patch in Town Square! One free pumpkin per guest.


  1. So pretty, Baby Skeesk!! That cupcake looked so yummy!


  2. All of your decorations really made me in the mood to start decorating. We have a pumpkin out that I got for $0.99 at CVS after coupons. We are not going to be carving pumpkins this year, because I am tired of spending a lot of money on a pumpkin only to see it waste away in a day down here in the S. fl heat.

    I would like to invite you to the Fantastic Frugal Fridays at Frugality Is Free and Being Frugal and Making It Happen. It is the place to link up all of your frugal posts.

  3. How cute are those Peanuts gang figurines???? I need them! The Great Pumpkin is by far our fave holiday special around here.

  4. They had more figures, too. Snoopy and Woodstock, Schroeder, and Sally Brown. They are all really cute.