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Friday, July 23, 2010

Uneventful Target trip

I headed out to Target today.  I haven't really browsed there in a while.  I didn't find a whole bunch of wonderful things, though.  Well, that I could bring home anyway.  We're moving soon so I've been packing up our house.  My husband told me the other day to not bring anything else in this house we're not consuming because he is not moving one more thing.

My sister and I were there to buy a baby shower gift and then she left me on my own.  I mainly bought drinks as my husband is golfing tomorrow in the 103 degree weather and I figured I'd try to help him not dehydrate or die.  I also had to buy him some more Crystal Light as I had to clarify the other day what "almost out of" means.  You need more Crystal Light if you only have enough left for 1 week and Target is having a sale and I have a coupon.  You don't need any more if you're stocked up for a couple of months and can wait until a good sale comes along again.  My math and his is much different.

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